Cross-platform AES data format and implementations

New Implementations: C++ and C#

Thanks to Curtis Farnham, we now have basic implementations of RNCryptor in C++ and C#.

Neither Curtis nor I claim to be expert in C++ or C#. The C# implementation was developed in Mono, not .NET. If you’re a C++ or C# developer, we would love input and pull requests to improve these implementations.

Draft v3.1 and v4.0 Specs for Comment

I’ve published draft specs for the next two versions of the RNCryptor format. I split it into two versions because the v3.1 changes are backward compatible while the v4.0 changes are not. Updating the ObjC implementation to v4.0 may take a little while, because I plan to also update the API at the same time. I can probably get a new version that handles v3.1 pretty quickly.

Comments on these drafts are highly encouraged.

New RNCryptor Site

RNCryptor has a new home of sorts. It now lives it its own organization, and I’ve split all the implementations into their own repositories. There’s a new RNCryptor-Spec repository to track the specification itself. And there’s this nice, new website to make things a little easier to find. I hope it helps you find what you need. I expect a lot of work on RNCryptor in 2014.